I publish my working notes on this site as a convenient way for me to access what I am learning and as a resource for anyone else to use.

I have been taking notes since 2010 as I teach myself computer science and business. Writing notes that synthesise what I am studying is my way of learning. The benefit of this approach is that it encourages me to explain the concept in my own words, which requires and reinforces understanding. The added benefit is that the notes themselves become a useful resource to access information again over time.

This study combined with application (i.e. building applications and running businesses) has been an effective learning strategy.

In some topics, these notes amount simply to a cheatsheet of standard commands you would find in man pages or docsets. In other areas you will find summaries of concepts.

These notes have been published for the purposes of learning. Please contact me by clicking Contact and filling out the form if you are the copyright owner of any original materials and you think the notes copy too liberally from the source material.