Build Lifecycle

By default, the worker performs the build as following:
1. Clone project repository from GitHub
2. cd to clone directory
3. Checkout commit for this build
4. Run before_install commands
- Use this to prepare the system to install prerequisites or dependencies
- e.g. sudo apt-get update
5. Run install commands
- Use this to install any prerequisites or dependencies necessary to run your build
6. Run before_script commands
- Use this to prepare your build for testing
- e.g. copy database configurations, environment variables, etc.
7. Run test script commands
- Default is specific to project language
- All commands must exit with code 0 on success. Anything else is considered failure.
8. Run after_success or after_failure commands
9. Run after_script commands

Travis runs Ubuntu. Recommends running:
- sudo apt-get update: prior to installing any dependencies to ensure all security fixes are included;
- sudo apt-get install -y package: -y ensures no human interaction required
- avoid running apt-get upgrade: too long


gem install travis -v 1.7.5 --no-rdoc --no-ri
travis version
travis login [--pro] // --pro for private repos